Hidden History Debated: Graham Hancock And Randall Carlson Go Head To Head With Skeptic Michael Shermer On The Joe Rogan...

Grab the popcorn 'cause this is one of the best podcast episodes of 2017. Graham Hancock, Michael Shermer, and Randall Carlson as Joe Rogan moderates a forum concerned with anomalous ancient artifacts and potential evidence of advanced civilizations. Who wins? You do. Thanks to Greg Taylor for sharing! If you're still doubtful of fringe archaeology, Clyde Winters could change your mind with The Exceptional Inscription On The Pokotia Monument which curiously resemble ancient Sumerian script. While this Mystery Box Found In The Tomb Of An Ancient Egyptian Princess isn't as sexy as Hancock or Carlson's maverick theories, it gives us a glimpse at the funerary customs of ancient Egypt. (CS)

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