Haunted House For Sale in Mineral Wells, Texas — Cheap! - Mysterious Universe

If anyone is in the market for a dilapidated house filled with grumpy ghosts that throw tantrums when they don't get their own way, have we got a deal for you! And we think maybe Paul Seaburn has a promising career in paranormal real estate. For the bargain basement price of $125,000 USD you can own a run down itty bitty house and get bitten and scratched for your trouble. Sounds like a party. But in the meantime, Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg gets protection from ghost-seeking hordes. And it's about time, too because the so called ghost hunters who call the bridge their gathering space aren't much better than a bunch of vandals. These people need to seriously grow up. Haunted or not haunted, public space should be treated with respect, historic sights even more so. Don't make us come over there...(CM)

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