Giant Eye Appears in the Sky over Leeds - Mysterious Universe

It seems as if the skies of this planet have become busier than ever before if reports of flying objects, chem trails, giant bird/humans, and now a giant eye are anything to go by. Still, as amazing as it is to see something in the clouds that inspires, sometimes an anomaly is just in the mind of the beholder. Enjoy it, but maybe don't read so much into it. For example, a Mysterious Beam from the Sky Seems to Illuminate Car Crash in the state of Georgia recently. The photographer who caught the image understood that windshield glare had probably more to do with the beam of light than miraculous intercession. Still, he was able to utilize the photo to bring peace to the family of the deceased. Clearly a sense of wonder combined with a bit of skepticism and some compassion tends to result in miracles, or close facsimiles. (CM)

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