"Flying Triangle" UFOs & U.K.-U.S. Liaison - Mysterious Universe

A trio of stories from this very active news source. Nick Redfern's lead-off concerns some new rumination about earthly aircraft possibly generating the March 1993 British flying triangle encounter wave. Then Paul Seaburn chips in with a "lighter" report about UFOs Seen Hovering over 'Cursed' Movie Set. But Nick's second offering is dead serious, as he defends his upcoming book in Roswell's Body Snatchers Resurface. Nick delves a bit into why The Roswell UFO Conspiracy will probably excite just as much controversy as did his 2005 Body Snatchers in the Desert. The post itself doesn't provide any "home runs," but Nick is putting his credibility on the line and it behooves that a fair evaluation is made whether his collective data ensures that "Roswell collapses (as a UFO event, at least)." We remember our amazement in 1997 at how "UFO buffs" equated belief in a 1947 ET-crash at 1947 Roswell with belief in the possibility of UFOs as legitimate phenomena, ET or otherwise. (WM)

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