Fake News, ABC And The Bermuda Triangle - A Different Perspective

The old adage of "All the news that's print to fit" is alive and well, and Kevin Randle calls out the mainstream on their shenanigans. Rather than looking at the evidence, they're raising the spectre of the Bermuda Triangle claiming yet another victim. Its enough to make us wonder if Peter Jennings will be replaced with Giorgio Tsoukalos. Next we have Jason Offutt with the weather who says it'll be cloudy with a chance of The Phantom Time Hypothesis. According to Heribert Illig we're missing 297 years, but Jason suggest Heribert's missing more than a few cards in his deck. Fortunately Robin Carlile can account for the 43 years between the Franco-Prussian War and World War I, but does Tobias Churton share Too Much Information? Let's just say Occult Paris, The Lost Magic of the Belle Epoch is exhaustively researched and well-documented, but makes for exhausting reading. (CS)

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