Evan Wentz's Quest for Fairies - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog

Dr. Beachcoming is rather keen to know more about fairy-researcher-turned-"American mystic" Walter Yeeling Evans Wentz, the author of the remarkable Fairy Faith In Celtic Countries, "the single most bizarre book ever published by Oxford University Press." Turns out his life during his time in England is lacking in detail. If any Anomalist out there has access the Bodleian Library in Oxford, Dr. Beach would like to hear from you. And what about Evan Wentz and Money? It seems he had an impressive quantity of the stuff, and Dr. Beach would like to know how he got it. And lastly, Dr. Beach carefully considers Evans Wentz and Sex (LP), noting "Yes, our sexual profile shouldn’t matter and yet if this blogger wants to get a deep picture of a complete stranger it would be what he would ask after gender, age and nationality, and before police records and voting preference." (LP)

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