Electric Zaps Bring Brain-Dead People Back To Life For A Week - Daily Mail

Mia de Graaf's story is equal parts Awakenings and Frankenstein as Belgian doctors zapped the brain-dead back into awareness, responding to questions. By no means were they chatty, but they could respond with gestures. Low on the list of the University of Liege's list of questions for the patients was "Does God exist?" Pascal's wager is compelling but others need stronger Arguments Why God (Very Probably) Exists. Packed in Robert H. Nelson's arsenal are the unlikely fields of math, science, and evolution. Others find gnosis through chemistry much like The Curious Fortean's very own Scarlet Woman praising DMT: The Spirit Molecule after a particularly profound ayahuasca trip. Even if you're a straightedge, skeptical atheist it's worth a read. (CS)

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