Do Not Look For Profundities! Taking The Anomalies For What They Are - Mysterious Universe

One of the arguments made against forteana is the perceived lack of science. But if you bring up anomalistics, pseudoskeptics and debunkers begin to wring their hands. The perfect place to start is with Bill Corliss, one of Micah Hanks's heroes, and his comprehensive and exhaustive collections of damned data which would turn Fort green with envy. Once you got 'em hooked, blow their mind with Greg Taylor's transcendent interview with Alan Moore On Science, Imagination, Language And Spirits of Place along with discourses on philosophy, consciousness, among other secrets of the universe. And if you think it's funny engineering students can't get laid, look in the mirror as a Princeton Study Claims Loneliness Causes Belief In Conspiracies. If Brett Tingley's breakdown has any traction then Alex Jones must be the loneliest man on Earth. Maybe Alex can make friends with those gay frogs he's always crying about. (CS)

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