Debunking Ghost Hunter Erica Gregory and her Ian Brady Conspiracies - Hayley Is A Ghost Geek

Let's just say this up front: Hayley Stevens has integrity. Regardless of the backlash, or a lack of attention based on her research, the woman holds true to her course. So when she decides to debunk a "famous" ghost hunter, we're going to listen. Moving onto something lighter, Matthew Taylor brings us The Poltergeist House, 'Sexy' Graffiti And Young Cliff Morris - Westhoughton Through The Ages. We like his style, by the way. He presents the data--or the archival data in this case--keeps it interesting, and then lets us make up our own minds about what is going on. And what is going on is that we are going to Pour A Glass of Wine for the Spirits: Haunted Vineyards and Wineries. We wonder how much of the witness accounts are directly related to the amount of wine consumed on tours? Who cares--count us in! (CM)

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