Daryl Bem Proved ESP Is Real - Slate

Guessing by the volume of hate mail we received over yesterday's links, we should put one of our own in the hot seat. One of Daryl Bem's test subjects opened up to Daniel Engber, unravelling Bem's signature study on precognition. On the bright side, Bem's notable for bringing attention to precognition much in the same way Neil Tyson's famous for popularizing science. Before you get all "special snowflake" on us, Alex Tsakiris invited Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove on his podcast to address the long-term future of parapsychology. No hardball questions, as usual, but Mishlove does outline a few brilliant ideas relevant to the study of psi. If everyone's a little psychic, does that include plants? Marta Zaraska told us of a new study wondering Can Plants Hear? The findings suggest playing Mozart for your prize petunias might not be for naught. (CS)

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