Can You Ever Really Know an Extraterrestrial? - Nautilus

This thoughtful but scary article by Caleb Scharf proposes that, since any contact with an extraterrestrial race might pose calamitous risks upon humanity, thought could be given to limiting the ability of most humans to learn about, far less transmit identifying signals to, potential ET intelligences. Aside from Scharf's own point about earthly signals already being broadcast wholesale as well as by more targeted means, his proposals for "Big Brothering" knowledge transfer are, as one Commenter notes, Orwellian--we'd say frighteningly so--not to say unworkable given the present divided state of humanity. Well, maybe not to worry, if you follow the reasoning in The Platitudes of UFO ETs. Rich Reynolds believes the "sophomoric" content of reported communications between humans and non-humans demonstrates the contention that such dialogues are actually "projections from the unconscious" of abductees and Biblical prophets. Apparently also those often designated as "contactees," and possibly including the material of Special Cases--The Long Island File (38): At This Point Almost Anything Seems Possible. See in particular the purported "Q&A" with a 170-plus-year-old from somewhere "not to [sic] far from the planet Venus," part of an apparently hoaxed letter passed on to John Keel by his "contactee contact" Jaye Paro. (WM)

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