Brexit-Election Again Delays the Release of Britain's Last Secret UFO Files - Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell

Well, the latest release date for those 18 British Ministry of Defence UFO files the MoD once said it didn't have has come and gone, and now it looks like that won't happen till mid-June. And that's "hopefully." Andreas Muller of the German frontier science/paranormal news-blog "Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell" has learned this exclusively from the British National Archives. Muller's post gives the recent history of these several-times-delayed documents, as well as file titles and topics. Staying in the U.K., the Croydon Advertiser's Craig Simpson asks readers What Were the Strange Lights Spotted Circling above Croydon Last Night?. It seems that about four bright points of light danced around in circles in the night skies above this London borough. Sounds like these may have a mundane explanation, but some people "freaked out" at the display, and we'll be looking for a calming diagnosis for this event. Now to the Colonies and their famously-productive state, as a California Witness Describes Six Hovering Triangles. There are several details that aren't completely clear about this 8:40pm April 15 sighting of "six groups of multi-colored lights in vertical triangular shapes." Why, for example, did the larger triangle remain stationary while the five smaller triangles slowly moved west; and what happened eventually to the larger triangle after the others disappeared into clouds? There is a MUFON Field Investigator working this case. (WM)

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