Boyd Bushman, the FBI and Counterespionage - UFO Trail

Jack Brewer makes use of files that master FOIAer John Greenewald, Jr. received from the FBI to strengthen his case that ufology should more seriously contend with "how the overlapping of the intelligence and UFO communities impacts public perception of the topic." While Brewer's characterization of the attitudes of those interested in UFOs and those who are skeptics have of an intelligence connection is a generalization, it does have weight. Speaking of possible connections, how about The Wing-Feathered Serpent and its UFO Connection?. Human history is so various that one can find parallels in many cultures with just about anything that's popped up in ufology, but Rich Reynolds has a firm basis at least for conjecturing about the serpent theme. We'd like to see some discussion on this from his readers, as well as the source (Kolosimo? and if so, what was his source, as Kolosimo was a rather controversial writer?) for the Upper Paleolithic appearance of the winged serpent motif. (WM)

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