Bipedal Octopus Dwarves from Beyond the Stars - Bizarre and Grotesque

Okay, we've got to admit that we thought of "Squidward Tentacles" from the SpongeBob SquarePants series when reading Tristan Shaw's article. Of course, Shaw's not buying the factual reality of the rather quaint tale of claimed alien contacts in Japan in 1974, but it gave him pictures of one of the weirder aliens in the ET menagerie he's been building. The York, Pennsylvania case in which the Witness Says Diamond-Shaped Object was "Humongous" is absent the folkloric details and is much more recent (10pm April 11, 2017), but seems harder to visualize. The "Long Description of Sighting Report" to this case indicates that the witness will draw some pictures for what was seen, and hopefully the MUFON Field Investigator will be able to draw out a fuller narrative. It would be useful were results of these cases also reported on the Open Minds website. (WM)

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