Attack of the "Michelin Men" - Inexplicata

We've had a long time interest in cases where folks meet up with strange entities looking like "Bibendum," the "Michelin Man," and Scott Corrales has a series of interesting cases worldwide featuring these enigmatic rascals. In Argentina: Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO over Necochea Scott has translated a 1962 very close encounter case, and provided a link to an investigation by Guillermo Gimenez containing much extra information about encounters around the town of Nechochea. Gimenez thinks that area south of Buenos Aires could even be some kind of "UFO corridor" or center of concealment. Note: though the linked article is in Spanish, we've found that free online translations have improved greatly since their advent. And Paul Seaburn would have us "tripping" northeast as Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood Saw a UFO in Brazil. In 2007 guitarist Ronnie Wood and his then-wife Jo, while staying in Recife, saw a lighted "massive thing"--according to Jo Wood in a recent interview. Seaburn has fun linking the other Stones to UFO sightings, real, fanciful, or hallucinatory. (WM)

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