Astronomer Says Alien Megastructures May Surround 64 Stars - Mysterious Universe

While the world holds its breath for the next dip in Boyajians Star's flux Zaza Osmanov confided in Paul Seaburn there are other megastructures in our cosmic neighborhood. Nor are the megastructures spherical and the stars really aren't stars. While I was writing that, Jason Wright of Penn State tweeted a call to action for all astronomers as Boyajian's Star is dipping. The excitement is palpable! In a potential coincidence, Astronomers Are Unable To Explain The Latest Mysterious Radio Burst. Since its point of origin was highly unlikely, Brett Tingley wonders if it was intentionally aimed at Earth. Much closer to home, our upper atmosphere to be precise, Brett's learned those Mystery Lights Seen By Carl Sagan Have Been Solved by NASA. Should global warming continue, our descendents may never glimpse this phenomenon. (CS)

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