Andrew Cuomo Discusses Possibility That Governor’s Mansion Is Haunted - New York Magazine

The Governor of New York living in a haunted house? Well, perhaps not living in it, more like occasionally visiting it. Seems Andrew Cuomo doesn't enjoy so many of the things that go bump in the night there, although he's being an awfully good sport about it. Housekeeping staff believe it's a groundskeeper who passed and who loved the old place, so that's a lot less frightening than the Evil Ghosts and a Haunted Jail in Georgia. It makes sense when you think about it. Someone who was the epitome of evil passes away, meaning the flesh suit housing the smut that passed for spirit is gone, leaving no boundaries so to speak. And this entity takes advantage of every opportunity to make visitors as miserable as possible, much as he did in earthly living. Looks like even in the afterlife, a tiger can't change its stripes. (CM)

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