Allen Greenfield Interview - The Paracast

Gene Steinberg initially covers a troubling report that the Mutual UFO Network is closing its database to non-members and promises the results of a query he's sent to Executive Director Jan Harzan. Chris and Gene then interview Gene's 55-year friend and paranormalist extraordinaire Allen Greenfield. Greenfield has an engaging personality and one can easily imagine the long discussions he, Steinberg, and other notables had back in the days of yore. Much of this interview's dialogue, however, dealt with esoteric topics other than UFOs and there was considerable inside banter about Freemasonry and the Ordo Templi Orientis that may be enigmatic to those not long-time listeners to this program. Most resonant were, early-on in the podcast, Allen's thoughts on faerie and UFO reports, on Edwin Abbott's 1884 before-its-time novel Flatland as descriptive of his (Greenfield's) thinking about alternate universes, and the decline of serious UFO research. Greenfield has some amusing, but telling, memories of his collisions with the "paranormal TV" world. At the end there's a too-brief consideration of Greenfield's thoughts about "antediluvian" civilizations, for which he believes more evidence exists "pro" than "con." Greenfield gives a salutary warning towards those who would "dabble" in magic, and we didn't know that his book Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts would enable you to predict UFO cases! (WM)

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