Alien Listening Project Picks Up 11 Unusual Signals - Mysterious Universe

Now don't get too excited yet; the term "alien" is used advisedly, and the folks at the Breakthrough Listen Project caution that the 11 signals they've picked up in two years' work are only "unusual." But this ambitious and costly project, says Paul Seaburn, has already turned in one "puzzler" whose unravelling has added to our astronomical knowledge, and there's still 8 more years left in the initiative. Over at "UFO Contemplation," Rich Reynolds muses on the finding that before UFO abduction stories became common, there were Humanoid Encounters Reported, but Not to Psychiatrists. Interesting point. Rich presents an remarkable story from Albert Rosales' book Human Encounters: The Others Among Us 1900-1929, as well as a useful suggestion for improvement from Bruno Bettelheim's The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales. What does get reported are sightings accompanied by pictures, as in Roger Marsh's British Witness Photographs Sphere UFOs Following Jet. At least in this case the questionable things do seem to be moving in synch with the airplane, whether or not their altitude is the same as that of the jet. (WM)

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