‘It Was Looking Right At Us’: Dozens Of Yowie Claims On South Coast - Merimbula News

Sometimes we need a reminder that North America isn't the only continent attracting cryptic hairy beasts of the Bigfoot persuasion. Australia has had its fair share of creature sightings, like the Yowie and, more recently, big cats. Considering the native flora and fauna of the Land Down Under, we think it is completely baffling that there should be any debate about the existence of any cryptid. Hello? Remember the platypus? This next piece, Bigfoot, the Kraken and night parrots: searching for the mythical or mysterious reminds us just how little we know about about life on this planet. We do however have some advantages over researchers of the past. DNA samples and recording devices are assisting with the accumulation of data, although at times it just seems to deepen the mystery. But don't think for an instant that we as a species have grown weary of the search. In eastern Ohio Bigfoot lore still drawing attention, with residents making use of the local tales to draw in tourists. Even cryptid hunters have to eat. (CM)

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