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In a bombshell interview constituting the first hour of Alan B. Smith's Paranormal Now program, Peter Robbins said he'd "been had" to a certain degree and didn't blame the so-called "Larry haters" who had successfully poked holes in Larry Warren's account of the December 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident. In the process Robbins disassociated himself from his former colleague and co-author of two editions of Left at East Gate, Warren's version of that series of "UFO" events outside an American air base in Great Britain. After the interview covered Peter's own prior involvement in UFO studies, Robbins acknowledged that he had been "remiss" a number of times with respect to the Warren story; could have been less trusting of Warren "up front"; that he now realized there had been an "intent to deceive" him by his former associate; and that he had early discounted problems raised by investigators that might be more significant than he had thought at the time. Peter defended himself against charges of knowingly participating in a fraud; allowed that the whole Warren story was now cast under a pall; and promised to review all of the questions raised about the book as dispassionately as possible. Robbins also agreed that questionable practices ascribed to Mr. Warren in the Rock memorabilia field harm his credibility. Nonetheless, Peter feels that, in spite of the many "inaccuracies" within Left at East Gate, solid elements remain. In particular, Peter claimed that evidence is "gilt-edged" that Warren was in the field on the third night of the Rendlesham events, though his chain of reasoning on this point was not entirely compelling. (WM)

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