3-Year-Old Boy Remembers His Past Life, Locates His Body & Identifies The Man Who Murdered Him - Collective Evolution

This story is fascinating but should most likely be taken with a grain of salt as it was never formally reported and has relied on its telling to stay current. Having said that, it is another example of a small child seemingly remembering a past life, and then providing details that back up his story. If the facts are accurate, it is truly amazing, but since the details shared seem a tad too perfect, we feel safe in assuming a fair amount of embellishment. However Chris Woodyard provides us with a report originally sent to the editor of the Occult Review about a century ago about the time when Lassie Came Home. Can a dog's soul be reborn and thus return to its original home? We think anyone who has ever loved a dog would agree that the details as presented sound all too possible. (CM)

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