Your Basic Fairy Primer - Schrodinger's Other Cat

Clip 'n save this handy-dandy reference since you never know when you'll stumble upon another ring of mushrooms. Behavior, personality, and quirks are deftly, yet briefly, outlined by the evergreen A Man Called Da-da. Omitted out of concern for your sanity is the Shape-Shifting Creature Reportedly Captured In Ghana. Please remember Africa's tokoloshe are nothing like the Celtic pooka. Many fairies do have wings, but sometimes humans find themselves aloft by some queer agency. Chris Woodyard just flew in from Dayton and boy are her arms tired, yet that effort pales with these odd tales of levitation deftly entitled Lord Of The Fliers. Next time you're out on the town, the next supernatural entity you rub shoulders with won't resemble its 19th century incarnation. Even otherworldly beings are getting with the times if Barbara Brodman and James E. Doan's The Supernatural Revamped is to be believed. Magonia goes above and beyond to whet your literary appetite, this time with Kevin Murphy and his Vamp 'Till Ready. (CS)

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