Why Doesn't Ancient Fiction Talk About Feelings? - Nautilus

If you're well-versed with the Jaynes's theory of the bicameral mind, Julie Sedivy's recent contribution is up your alley. Jaynes bolestered his premise of the apparent lack of self-reflection and awareness in ancient tales, viz. the original Odyssey. Julie, on the other hand, applies that lack of characterization to more topics as cognitive theory, linguistics, cultural anthropology, and Jaynesians can read between the lines for the greater subtext. If humanity had more to compare than European and Asian texts, like a rip-roaring Mayan saga, researchers could confirm or falsify the proposition. Plus those kinds of stories would help us make sense of some Strange Statues Found In An Mexican Pyramid's Tomb. Whether their purpose is funerary or ritual, their discovery is exciting Brett Tingley. Joining the party is Andrew Gable, a most curious fortean, with the scoop on Missouri's Lost City. One of the best examples of 19th century fake news which caught fire in American newspapers. (CS)

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