Walton Abduction Soil Analysis Suggests Anomalous Event - Mysterious Universe

MJ Banias has a substantive report on the results of a Frontier Analysis Limited study of soil samples from the site claimed for the 1975 abduction of Travis Walton. Phyllis and Bruce Budinger's work (its link is in the Banias article) has produced, even after 40-plus years, some quite interesting results. The Budingers are also working on wood core samples from the site and their results will be published in the future. They hope that these findings from several different scientific tests will stimulate further work on this site and also form "a protocol for future testing of soil samples related to UFO events." A bonus video in the Banias article is a 25-minute interview with Travis Walton, ostensibly the first such after the abduction event. A worthwhile historical piece. (WM)

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