Visiting the Stanley Hotel: A Picture by Picture Ghost Tour - Cryptozoology News

Sign us up for the next ghost tour at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. Recently a skeptical Kirin Johnson took part in a history and ghost tour only to come out the other side a believer (or at least, open to believing). That's our kind of fun. Decidedly less fun and just a whole lot more chilling is the story of Mrs Stone and the Headless Ghost, as brought to us by Chris Woodyard. Pieced together from a Wilshire newspaper published around 1900, Chris shares with us the experience of Mrs. Stone beset upon by a headless apparition in the dark of night. Readers with more in depth information regarding the true identity of Mrs. Stone, or more information about the headless ghost phenomenon so common a hundred years ago are invited to email chriswoodyard8 AT (CM)

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