U.S. Special Forces Hunt 'Killer Bigfoot' Group in Western North Carolina - Phantoms & Monsters

It strikes us in reading this piece that discerning fact from fiction has become much more difficult in recent times due to the ease with which misinformation is spread, not to mention the proliferation of conspiracy theories. Having said that, we're a bit curious why the American nation's most skilled ground troops would be engaged to take down a rogue gang of Sasquatch. Not that we're implying Bigfoot would be an easy mark. Just seems like a misspending of US taxpayer dollars considering there were and are far worse murdering beings out there that only face the threat of local police forces. Show us some proof please? And while we're thinking about big hairy beasts, Kirguistan And The Wild Man's Enigma - More questions than answers. At least there is some logic here, being that some parts of Asia are relatively untouched by humans, making it entirely possible that some sort of relic hominid or undiscovered wild animal could thrive under our radar. (CM)

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