Unravelling the Mystery Behind the East Bay Walls: Who Really Made Them and Why? - Ancient Origins

If you're looking to unravel a stone wall mystery, no need to head to the British Isles. There's a discontinuous, miles-long stone wall near San Francisco that has left scholars scratching their heads as to its original builders and purpose. While popular theories include Lemuria and Mu as origins, there is a growing suspicion that the walls were simply built by migrants as a means of managing livestock. Oh, if these walls could talk...Now over in Kansas, archeologists have made a significant discovery. Its Location A Mystery For Centuries, Huge Indian City May Have Been Found In Kansas. Etzanoa looks to be the second biggest native American settlement found thus far in the United States, and it's rubble tells a story of attack by Spaniards in the 1600s. Safe to say researchers will be a very long time uncovering this buried city's secrets. (CM)

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