Ultimate Weirdness from the Timmerman Files - Malcom's Musings: Anomalies

Between 1980 and 1992 John Timmerman exhibited photos from the Center for UFO Studies at 92 malls in the United States. He heard so many amazing stories from people that he began recording them. Here Malcolm Smith recounts four of those stories. Two of them have nothing to do with UFOs. But one 1976 story tells of a sighting of two disc-shaped objects between which was suspended a vintage World War II bomber! The other is a 1977 sighting involving lights in the sky that descend into a plateau that opened up and closed up again behind them. The UFO stories that Timmerman collected were so good that UFO historian Michael Swords collected them into a book entitled Grassroots UFOs Case Reports from the Center for UFO Studies. Both Ray Stanford and Ron Westrum call this little known work "a very important book." (PH)

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