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Frequent readers know we regularly call out scientists on their bullshit. Mainstream science's most egregious sins are cherry picking data, positivism, and dogmatism. The latter is summed up in the cautionary tale of Francis Crick's quixotic campaign to falsify vitalism, served up by Rupert Sheldrake. As for positivism and cherry picking data, those topics are ably addressed by Barry Lam's Hackademics series. We gave you a taste of this last week and we want you to return for the meal. He's less about the Rhine Research Center's research, but the biases and foibles of "legitimate" scientists done in the name of science. Barry continues with Episode 7, discussing Aristotle's avoidance of experimentation and the illogical gambles made by scientists to ensure success. Quite the paradox since science is about failure, picking up the pieces, and moving forward with new ideas and methodologies. While you're at it, catch the rest of Hi-Phi Nation's episodes when you're out for a walk or bike ride today. (CS)

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