The Strange Phenomenon of Missing Time: A TCF Readers Experience - The Curious Fortean

Recently we discussed The Rise of U.F.O.s in America, an earnest and mostly accurate effort by "The Scarlet Woman" to provide some basic knowledge about key UFO cases and to explain why there is a perceived rise in UFO sightings in America. This response to that article describes an apparent instance of missing time shared by a number of musicians on the way to a concert in Edmonton, Alberta. Though the author is properly skeptical of the odd occurrence being necessarily the result of a UFO abduction, she notes that two days before this trip listeners to the local radio station reported a weird light over Edmonton. Coincidence? Most likely. Time magazine's Alexandra Genova has a novel look at some Italian UFO devotees, many of whom profess contact experiences of one sort or another, in They are Among Us. Photographing the UFO Believers. This piece profiles the work of Italian photojournalist Manfredi Pantanella, who is laboring among what Genova seems to regard as "the 'Ufologic' community in Italy." We understand that some of the most rigorous work in ufology is being done in that nation, but Pantanella focuses on a group of people who come at the subject in an almost religious manner, many informed by past encounters they firmly believe they have had with aliens. The testimonies are generally fairly standard contactee accounts, but Pantanella's photography is often awesome and conveys impressions that words alone fail to do. (WM)

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