The Nessie Mystery: What Really Does Lie Beneath? - Sunday Post

The question is not new, but the latest idea to find the answer certainly is. A professor from the University of Otago in New Zealand has proposed sampling the Loch waters for environmental DNA (eDNA), a technique which can detect a wide spectrum of lifeforms which "lose cells from their skin, or digestive system, or whatever." If the research goes ahead, it offers the possibility that Nessie's existence can be confirmed or denied. BUT, Glasgow Boy keeps our excitement in check by asking sensible questions about eDNA and Nessie. He demonstrate that the procedure and any results may be much more complex than simply analyzing samples of water. Elsewhere, he continues his examination of the credibility or otherwise of Poor Old Alex Campbell Part II, the man who largely kicked off the Nessie-mania with which we're familiar today. GB wonders however, were Campbell's stories constructed with a view to keeping his job? (LP)

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