The Mysterious Death of the Man From Nowhere - Mysterious Universe

On September 14, 2011, a nondescript male claiming to hail from Meridian, Idaho, checked into a small motel in Washington state using an assumed name and a false address. That in and of itself wasn't that strange, but the man's lack of appropriate outdoor attire made him stand out to the front desk clerk, as did his lack of luggage. Later the motel maid would note that the strange guest refused to allow her into the room, and seemingly never left in search of food or other entertainment. On his checking out day, this strange person from nowhere did in fact check out. He was found in his room closet, on his knees as if in prayer, having hung himself from the closet rod. Being a tall man this was no mean feat, leading police to suspect foul play but giving them no other evidence from which to work, and no next of kin to notify. (CM)

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