The Most Viewed File in the FBI Vault Shows Us What the World is Really Interested in Right Now - Collective Evolution

Kalee Brown uses an FBI document viewed about a million times on the FBI's website as a springboard to discuss the general subject of government knowledge about UFOs. Included in this article is a 20-minute video of interviews with the late Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso, promo for his book The Day After Roswell. It's a good summary of the man's controversial contentions. Be aware that the "FBI file that specifically discusses ET life," from which Kalee Brown extracts nine "general points," appears to be a July 8, 1947 "Memorandum of Importance" by someone outside the government who claims to have come upon the information by "so-called supernormal means." The letter writer advocates that "the newcomers be treated with every kindness." Elsewhere the writer notes the potential negative effects of a "kindness failure." (WM)

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