The Dreaming Brain May Provide Scientists With A Never-Before-Seen Window Into Consciousness - Business Insider

A group of researchers have released a study on dreaming, specifically focused on the type of brain activity that goes on when we dream but are not in REM sleep. Just that last part about REM is big news since science has long been of the mind that dreaming and REM were interchangeable. Luckily science was wrong and there is a whole realm of what constitutes consciousness that is just waiting to be discovered. So while we may very well find out what's going on with our thoughts while we live and breathe, we still don't really know what happens when we stop. Does the Afterlife Exist? Depends on who you ask. But there is no shortage of movies that take on the task of debating the what-ifs. It's nice to know that if you're suffering from an existential crisis, you can just turn on Netflix and come away with exactly the same lack of knowledge you started with--but with a little peace of mind that you're not alone in your philosophical concerns. (CM)

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