The Bizarre World of Real Time Machines - Mysterious Universe

In the starting line up: The Vatican. Yes, the focal point of the Catholic Church has been involved in the search for a means to travel through time. Most fascinating is the device with which it is credited, a television-like apparatus that provided images of both the past and the future, and which attracted the attention of the CIA lest it fall into the wrong hands. But the papacy is not alone in its desires to time travel. Brent Swanser reviews a myriad of inventions and devices which only help to underline how desperately humanity wants to understand itself--or control the world. Depends on your perspective. But "machines," per se, might not even be needed for time travel, according to Paul Dienach, The Man Who Fell Into A Coma And Woke Up In The Year 3,906. Apparently, he woke up that year in the body of a man named Andrew Northman, who is told "everything that had happened in the world during the last two millennia." That alone should be sufficient evidence to indicate that Dienach's "diary" of the experience is just a novel. (CM)

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