Student Obsessed With Aliens Vanishes, Leaving Behind Books Written In Code - New York Post

It is a tragedy when a family member goes missing, so the Borges family in Brazil could use some good thoughts directed their way. Their son Bruno vanished in late March of this year after barricading himself in his room for a month while he obsessed about aliens and filled 14 journals with strange, cryptic script. He believed his "work" would one day help humanity but kept details of his project secret, even from family. Theories abound on what actually happened to Bruno, but none of them have led to his location. Halfway across the world in Japan, Haunted Tokyo reporter Ryo Mysteriously Loses Wedding Ring, Learns From Psychic It Saved His Life. Here are the facts as we know them: Ryo lost his wedding ring. A "psychic" informed him the ring sacrificed itself to save him. Same psychic cannot give any details and Ryo walks away satisfied. Does anyone else think young Ryo might be a bit too gullible to be reporting on paranormal subjects? Or maybe we're just jaded? (CM)

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