Stan Gordon Interview - The Paracast

Gene and Chris welcome Pennsylvania's Stan Gordon, who's been investigating UFOs, cryptids, and other just plain weird stuff for almost 60 years. Stan avers that the whole set of phenomena he's studied is far more complex and mysterious than many of us would care to imagine. Paranormal cases appear to be alive and well in the Keystone State, although Stan has yet to have his own sighting of a UFO or unrecognized hairy hominid. Stan's newest book and a presentation he's been developing sound like "must sees," and toward the end of the discussion he and the Paracasters get into some stories that are way off the map bizarre. Nick Redfern acknowledges that many thought his 2005 book Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story was even more outrageous than space aliens crashing into 1947 New Mexico. Well, Nick is unapologetic about that, as he reveals in Roswell, UFOs and Secret Experiments--New Book. His upcoming sequel The Roswell UFO Conspiracy: Exposing a Shocking and Sinister Secret, Nick promises, contains some "startling revelations." (WM)

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