Special Cases--The Long Island File (33): A Letter to Jim Moseley - John Keel

Back to the UFO soap opera. John seems to have made enough sense of the whirlpool of unreality surrounding him to write a letter to Jim Moseley, outlining his suspicions about being "framed" so that his important discoveries will be discounted. He warns that Jim's "stupid little friend, Gladys, has unwittingly gotten herself involved." Well, Special Cases--The Long Island File (34): What is Gladys Doing?, this being John's entry of the next day--July 18, 1967--details some continuing mayhem surrounding poor Gladys, whom John thinks is a gullible follower of those masterminding hoaxes against him. John then does a very surprising thing to shut Gladys up. Site manager Doug Skinner's notes to this post underscore how truly surreal this whole affair is. (WM)

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