Rectangle-shaped UFO Described over California Town - Open Minds

MUFON's witness reporting database has a February 9, 2017, evening case that sounds like some kind of novel, loud, huge, rectangular or "home plate-shaped" military aircraft. One wonders what the witness might have seen were the object to have passed above his home during the day. On the British media front, Incredible Mystery Crop Circles Appear Overnight--Leaving Scientists BAFFLED. Daily Star's George Martin reports that 15 simple but huge rings appeared on March 17th in a field near Carmen de Areco, a town near to Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires. "The circles have completely bamboozled Argentina's best scientists," claims a caption to a somewhat out-of-focus aerial view, paired with an artist's rendition of what the creation of these circles might have looked like. But it's hard to get excited by these circles, especially when they are compared to some of the famous and gorgeous past English agriglyphs, present in an inset to the article and helpful in making it noteworthy. More past glories can be viewed at 10 Fascinating Early UFO Sightings. Listverse reporter Ronald Eayre lists a series (a dozen, actually) of possible UFO sightings ranging from 15th century BC Egypt to early 20th century New Zealand. If you're not familiar with these cases, you probably should be. (WM)

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