Put a Bird on It - Scientific American

A guitar's just a guitar, right? Yet musicians customize theirs with kooky shapes, funky stickers, and odd doodads announcing, "This is mine!" Does customization have another purpose? Quite possibly, according to Matthew Hutson after getting a sneak peek of several studies featured in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Marketing Research. One could argue it's a kind of magic(k). This expression of creativity, and personality, may answer Gemma Tipton's question, "Why Are So Many Current Art Exhibitions Fascinated By The Occult?" When hope is replaced with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, people instinctually embrace the weird and the strange for relief from persistent and pervasive anxiety. With a world now run by an infantile autocrat, once opposed by a criminal narcissist, who can blame folks for cultivating and expressing their personal powers to affect change for the better? (CS)

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