Physicists Found their Higgs Particle: Ufologists Found Their ??? - UFO Conjecture(s)

Rich Reynolds uses the discovery of the 57-year-theorized Higgs particle, whose finding, as Commenter "BD" notes, cost $13 billion plus over 12,000 "visiting scientists", to flog ufology and the "dolts" who dabble in it, for its lack of success. Rich feels a theory/hypothesis is fundamentally required in order to test UFO reality. He and his readers have long discussed many of the deficits owned by such an ill-defined subject, studied full-time by few real scientists or academics, generally funded in only a desultory fashion if at all, and labelled as "crackpot" by various official pronouncements over the decades. Possibly the greatest detriment to common progress is the remarkably high amount of "noise" in the field, and in this light we must consider The Mysterious Roswell Rock Resurfaces. We thought we'd heard most everything connected with Roswell over the past few decades, but must admit this one passed us by. Paul Seaburn has a diverting and short tale complete with likely explanation for a bit of flotsam hyped in a current video. (WM)

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