Paranormal Phenomena As Divine Revelation - Mark Russell Bell Blog

Mark Russell Bell asks us to suspend any knee jerk assumptions regarding anomalous goings on like poltergeist activity, and open our minds to the possibility that such hauntings are other than demonic. In fact, they may be divine in origin. Mark uses examples from some case studies to illustrate his argument, turning our understanding of similar situations on its head, so to speak. People in Parapsychology: XXXIII. Everton de Oliveira Maraldi is a Brazilian psychologist with a PhD in Social Psychology. His main areas of interest are the social psychology of "religion, spirituality, religion and health, dissociation, trance and dissociation in religious context, the psychosocial self and its identity, and anomalous experiences in general." Not to put too common a spin on this man's credentials, but clearly Maraldi has the coolest job going. (CM)

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