Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Says He Is 99% Sure That ESP Is Real - Daily Grail

Folks reckon science is just Neil Tyson saying, "No" and trusting him because he smiles a lot and makes appearances on Stephen Colbert. Or Bill Nye wearing a bowtie and being rude to his fanbase because, well, science! To be honest, they're lightweights when it comes to the systematic analysis of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. If they were real scientists, and Nye isn't (he's an engineer), they'd be in their lab pushing the envelope instead of toeing the same old tired, static paradigm. Which is why our pal Greg Taylor wants you to listen to Brian Josephson talk about the possibility of ESP. He's no Deepak Chopra nor Steven Greer, but a Nobel prizewinner unafraid of new ideas at the bleeding edge of human knowledge. Heed Greg Taylor's suggestion and listen to Closer To The Truth, as there are many other episodes featuring respected scientists open to maverick ideas. It's like Skeptiko on steroids and human growth hormone! (CS)

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