Neil Ty, The Scientism Guy - Mises Institute

Neil deGrasse Tyson's one of the most recognizable faces of popular science, but he's pushing another agenda besides science. Considering NDT's contempt for the humanities and philosophy, he could've used a few courses in rhetoric to defend himself from Jonathan Newman's broadsides on scientific method, ad hominem, and tacitly promoting an agenda similar to a less-popular, but far more powerful character, on the world's political stage. By no means would we stoop so low to argue what Tyson knows could fill a thimble. That analogy is far more apt with the sum of humanity's knowledge since We Live In A Pre-Truth Universe. Without invoking Russians, nor 'fake news', Daniel Whiteson and Jorge Cham argue we're just getting started with plenty of wonders awaiting determined mavericks, or our descendents, to puzzle 'em out. (CS)

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