Neil Armstrong and the Men in Black? - Mysterious Universe

When we first read Nick Redfern's piece on Neil Armstrong's FBI file, we were more struck by how short the file was than impressed by the one rather creepy incident in it. Perhaps Nick's stretched a bit this time, we thought. Then we reconsidered the matter in view of the similarities to some really odd MIB-connected cases and now, like Nick himself, we're not so sure. See what you think. Naturally this MIB subject brings up the name of John Keel, and Special Cases--The Long Island File (35): A Letter to the Lorenzens. This letter gives us a neat summary of Keel's then-current understanding of the imbroglio in which he has become enmeshed. Keel's beliefs and the sureness with which they're expressed are more than a little unsettling. (WM)

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