Low Flying Cylinder UFO Reported over California - Open Minds

Roger Marsh tells us about a sighting on March 16 over Lincoln, California, of "a fast moving, cylinder-shaped object that crossed the horizon in about eight seconds." This "flying propane tank" generated an "Unknown--UAV" conclusion. But now we may have a diagnosis, as the California Cylindrical UFO Sighting Could Be Mystery Plane, according to Brett Tingley. His article explains how aircraft wings can be invisible to human and mechanical observers, and suggests the thing seen zipping over Lincoln may have been a secret test of a new corporate technology. Interesting reads, here; but beware that the pictures of a "cylinder" in flight are for reference purposes only and not from the witness report. If it's lots of reports and a sense of history you're after, stroll over to 1967: A Wave of UFO Encounters. Nick Redfern's got a piece on the 50th anniversary of a huge British surge in reports, with several interesting cases and some intriguing reactions by a police constable and the Ministry of Defense. (WM)

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