Local Researcher Says Recent Idaho Bigfoot Sighting Seems Credible - Idaho State Journal

How credible is that bigfoot witness who's enjoying higher car insurance premiums? Pretty credible according to Dr. Jeff Meldrum, who points out his reasons not to disbelieve her account despite an absence of evidence. Too bad she didn't have a dashcam. A bit more elusive than our shaggy cousin is the North American platypus. Whether they're playing hide-and-seek, or abandoned pets, remains to be seen, but Karl Shuker wants you to know about A Couple Of Crypto-Platypuses From North America. Funny thing is, Native Americans knew about platypuses before Australia was a gleam in Abel Tasman's eye. Meanwhile an expedition Down Under is afoot to flush out extant thylacines from the bush. Should these intrepid, outdoorsy types need a reminder what they look like we recommend consulting Darren Naish. Turns out The Ozenkadnook Tiger Photo's Been Revealed As A Hoax. Funny old thing is, everyone knew it was fake so what's the big deal? Darren's gotten someone to spill the beans. (CS)

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