Lights In The Sky And Mysterious Gravesites: Seeking The Supernatural In Western Alaska - Alaska Dispatch News

For all her years of living in Alaska, Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house. How boring considering the treasure trove of forteana haunting our side of the Bering Strait. We hereby endorse Laurel Andrews for any political office, based solely on her mad skills, for uncovering these treasures from the Shared Beringian Heritage Program. Had Laurel been born in the 18th century, she wouldn't have found an audience for such phenomena. Such are Dr. Beachcombing's revelations. He's been In Search of the Anomaly Gap, 1700-1800. Was this a golden age of euphoric pseudoskeptics? Or might Beach need to fiddle with Google's ngram viewer per Mike Dash's recommendation. There may be a few choice references to cosmic horrors beyond euclidean space waiting to be discovered. Gene and Chris at The Paracast invited John L. Steadman on the podcast to discuss the tulpa-like nature of Lovecraft's entities, and their growing influence in magickal traditions. (CS)

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