Jerome Clark's 1998 The UFO Book - UFO Conjecture(s)

Jerome Clark's monumental The UFO Encyclopedia is perhaps the greatest single piece of ufological labor and solid information created to date. This work, which saw two editions in the 1990s, still is the most authoritative resource for the panoply of UFO events, people, organizations, and theories. Unfortunately, the tome is out of print, only available in used condition, and not cheap. Rich Reynolds praises a slightly more-modest (705 pages) Clarkian work, Jerry's 1998 The UFO Book. Rich is highly impressed by the completeness and detail in this bargain-priced volume, and he seems to abandon his customary despair and become almost hopeful about the prospects for ufology when he observes that "the total UFO phenomenon ... must be studied holistically in order to understand (and eventually explain) it." But Rich is rather less positive in Why the "Rabble" Sees (and Studies?) UFOs. Ponder Rich's takeaway from a book review of Peter T. Struck's Divination and Human Nature: A Cognitive History of Intuition in Classical Antiquity. Whether you agree or not with Rich's premise, again he offers valuable information about a worthwhile publication. And Reynolds is "fair and balanced" in his appraisal of early UFO periodicals when he notes Those Old UFO Magazines are Sometimes Goofy, Sometimes on Point. Note particularly Brad Steiger's theorizing about the source for UFO experiences, and Commenter cda's perceptive remarks about why such magazines will likely never be seen again. (WM)

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